A list of examples of situations where that's what she said (or other innuendo pharses). Brackets are used to denote additional information, usually on the intended meaning of the phrases.

  • Yeah his hand just generally seems to be everywhere and certain bits he seems to go really fast.

(This was about a drummer.)

  • Wow! This is a lot harder than the other two.

(This was about irish listening test.)

  • It's smaller so it fits in perfectly.

(This was about a ruler fitting in a pouch in a pencil case)

  • One mouthful contains all your vitamin C requirements.

(In reference to nutritional information on an orange juice carton.)

  • You can boil it and the hardness goes, but then the stuff comes out of it and gets on the pipes.

(A chemistry teacher talking about hard water.)

  • Fill me in.

(Found in newly created wikias, under the heading Featured Article/Media.)

  • - What did you get (in a test)


  • Always on top.

(An option from the tools menu of MSN messenger.)

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